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7-Day Career Boot Camp

The engineering world is brimming with talent.
...but only a few truly stand out and climb the ladder of success.

That’s why we’ve crafted the 7-Day Career Boot Camp – to guide YOU on mastering the skills and strategies for a thriving engineering career.

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  • Expert advice from a former engineering director complete with examples designed for immediate impact.
  • Targeted actions to start turning insights into real-world results.

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Bulletproof Your Ideas

Discover the key to engineering success with the ultimate guide! Uncover how to assess your innovative ideas, present them compellingly, and boost your credibility for the next stage of your career.


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Meet Michael

I Help Engineers Understand and Reach Their Dreams.

Michael brings a wealth of expertise with nearly two decades of experience leading engineering teams across all kinds of settings, from large traditional organizations, to fast-paced startups, and massive new international projects.

Starting as an entry-level engineer, he continuously searched for new challenges and opportunities. His journey led him to the Middle East, where he excelled as the director of an emerging engineering team, earning a reputation for building team credibility and offering technical mentorship.

In 2022 he left to focus on helping the public better understand seemingly complex technical issues. His guidance has helped countless engineers succeed in their careers and learn the skills that have transformed their lives. 

Technical skills are vital, but for 99% of us, they're just the beginning. Engineers have countless avenues to get ahead. Don't be afraid to find them.


The Book

Bulletproof Your Ideas

How Engineers Can Irresistibly Sell Complex Ideas

People will be looking for any reason to shoot your idea down.

The methods in this book equip engineers with the skills you need to:

  • Evaluate the true, objective worth of an idea
  • Understand your audience’s needs and motivations
  • Quickly and effectively build credibility at all levels of experience
  • Assemble an army of supporters in your organization
  • Create powerful presentations that are clear, concise, and confident
  • Effectively handle questions and feedback

Through practical, step-by-step guidance and dozens of examples, you’ll learn how to ‘bulletproof’ your ideas and sell them to anyone, no matter who they are or what your role.